Security camera / cctv installation Services in canberra

CCTV Security Camera Installation

Security cameras are becoming increasingly popular amongst homeowners and small businesses alike as a means of monitoring and safeguarding property and loved ones. 

One of the main reasons for installing a security camera is because it’s such a visual deterrent for potential criminals, and here at Canberra Communications we have a range of systems available to suit any requirement.

Infrared (IR) Cameras

Infrared cameras are extremely popular because they can provide clear images in all light conditions.  During the day when light is available, an infrared camera produces a colour image, but at night when lighting is poor, images are generally black and white.

Infrared cameras can be installed in both indoor and outdoor settings.  For outside installations, a camera with a bullet-style weather resistant casing is recommended.

Internal Analogue Dome Cameras

Dome cameras are named for their dome-like shape and are most commonly used in internal settings, mounted either on the ceiling or a wall.  They tend to blend in well with their surrounds and are often mistaken for a lighting fixture.  Because of their dome shape, it is difficult for anyone to identify which direction the lens is pointing towards.

Most dome cameras are designed with infrared technology, so they can function in all light conditions, and they provide reliable, high quality images and relaying.

Vandal Resistant Cameras

One of the challenges for any camera that is easily accessible is that they can easily be vandalised so functionality is impaired.  Vandal resistant cameras are generally manufactured with a solid metal base and protective polycarbonate plastic cover.

Once installed, a vandal resistant camera is extremely difficult to tamper with because they are completely enclosed and require a specific tool to open the dome cover.

Pan Tilt Zoom Cameras

Pan tilt zoom cameras are ideal in any situation where detailed images are required.  The cameras have the ability to manually or automatically tilt and zoom images.  Some cameras come with in-built motion sensors that tilt the lens towards movement and automatically zoom in for a clearer image.

These cameras are a great option in any environment where entry and exit points for people or vehicles need to be monitored.

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