Digital TV antenna / Satellite

Digital TV Antenna / Satellite

Digital TV and Satellite antennas can be tricky to install - but that’s not the case when you call in the professionals. Our safety-conscious technicians are highly skilled in all aspects of antenna installations, relocations, repairs and upgrades.

Digital TV Antennas

If you need a new antenna or if your reception isn’t great, Canberra Communications can supply and install a digital antenna or fix your existing one so you get the picture you want.

Poor reception can be caused by a number of issues, and our professional team have the skills and experience to identify what is contributing to the quality of your picture. This could be:

  • The aerial – it may need replacing, or it may simply be mounted in the wrong location, or not pointing in the right direction.
  • The cable – if your cabling is old, it may not work with digital, and if it has deteriorated or has any kinks in it, this can impact the quality of your reception.
  • Splitters and wall plates – if reception issues have started soon after a storm, it’s possible that a lightening strike has affected your splitters or wall plates.
  • Tuning – all TV’s these days have automatic tuning but if your TV no longer tunes correctly, there may be a fault with your set.
  • Connecting lead – quality counts.  If you buy cheap, expect problems.

Poor reception should be a thing of the past so if you’re not happy with the way your TV is performing, call Canberra Communications for an obligation free chat.

Broadband Satellite Antennas

Broadband satellite antennas are deployed to enable high speed broadband in areas where other forms of connectivity are not available and they are particularly useful in rural and remote areas.

Satellite broadband is similar to satellite TV services such as Austar – a small dish receives information and then transfers that information via a cable to a box (in this case, a modem) that connects to your device (in this case, your computer). Unlike satellite TV though, satellite broadband is two-way, so you can receive and send information.

The satellite technology delivers a fast broadband experience to your home – but inside your home, the experience is no different to broadband that’s delivered over your telephone line. In much the same way as the copper cable is out of sight, the satellite broadband signal is also hidden.

If your broadband service slow, patchy or non-existent, contact Canberra Communications today for a chat about how our broadband satellite solutions can help your connection get up to speed.

Satellite Dishes

Mention satellite dishes and most people think Pay TV, but did you know that there are many free to air programs that can be beamed straight to your home via satellite?


C-Band satellite systems enable more viewing options than any other system – whopping 750 channels transmit on a regular basis and another 250 on an intermittent basis. C-Band systems are ideal for watching religious and foreign language programs, and some of the most popular overseas services are:

  • Italian (RAI international)
  • Spanish (TVE international)
  • Chinese (ChinaSat 6B, with over 50 free to air channels and many radio channels)
  • Dutch (BVN)

Included in our C-band satellite installation service is:

  • Satellite decoder
  • 2.3m C-band satellite dish
  • Ground or roof mounting
  • Quad shield cabling from the dish to the decoder
  • Tuning and set up of the decoder and your TV
Ku Band

The Ku band frequency is allocated for the exclusive use by satellite communications systems, eliminating the problem of interference with microwave systems. In Australia, they primarily receive local Pay TV and VAST (Viewer Access Satellite Television for ABC, SBS and the 7, 9 and 10 networks) for remote communities.

Included in our Ku-band satellite installation service is:

  • Satellite decoder
  • 65cm Ku-band satellite dish
  • Roof mounting
  • Quad shield cabling from the dish to the decoder
  • Tuning and set up of the decoder and your TV

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