Data and NBN cabling

Phone, Data and NBN cabling and outlets

Your data network cabling is the critical foundation for your home or business communications, so it’s important that it’s structured correctly in order to give you the best performance and reliability.

Inside your home you probably have a multitude of cables connecting various devices and it’s easy for these to become a hazardous eye sore. Sockets can get overloaded, cables tangled up and your network suddenly stops performing as efficiently as it should.

Data Cabling

Our data cabling technicians have years of experience installing discreet cabling systems that optimise your connectivity. Cat 6 cabling gives you 1 – 100 gigabit speeds across your cabled network, so when performance matters, it pays to make sure you have the right cabling.

We provide the following services:

  • Internal cable installations
  • Internal cable fault diagnosis and repair
  • Telephone outlet installation
  • NBN cabling

Home Networks

The internet has changed our world and home networking solutions mean you can access the internet and share content from anywhere and to anywhere in your home.

We understand that every home or office is different and has different requirements and that’s why the right design is a critical component so you get the best performance.

The term networking refers to how your computers, tablets, printers and fax machines connect and communicate with each other, and it can be implement either through a wired network using physical cables, or a wireless (Wi-Fi) network that let’s you connect without a physical cable connection to each device. Some home networks use a combination of the two.

NBN Cabling

The NBN is exciting news and if you’re lucky enough to be in an area that can get NBN services you probably want to get connected as soon as possible. Your new NBN service is delivered to a single point at your home but you may need some additional cabling inside your home in order to access your new service.

Canberra Communications are registered cablers so we make sure that your cabling is installed safely and accurately.

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